Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sree Porkali Bhagavathi Temple, Attadapa - Kannur

പട്ടതാരി ശ്രീ ഭഗവതി ക്ഷഏതൃം
This very ancient temple is situated in a village called Attadappa in Kannur , Kerala. The deity here is very unique, as the statue of bhagavathi has a posture of getting ready for war. Sree Porkali is the family god of the King Pazhassi Raja . Pazassi takes the blessings of the god Porkali before going for any war.
Initially this temple was under the control of some Brahmin families and later it was controlled by Maruthiyodan family. When time passed the care takers changed hand from families to family and today it is being renovated by the devotees in Attadappa and surroundings.
As there were lots of Manas (the name given for Brahmin's House) near by this temple for several years this particluar area is also called as Manayathum Moola (മനയതും മൂല) . However, now there are no brahmin communities staying near by and we can find only their remnants. The famous Chala Temple, Noonchinkavu(നൂന്തിന്കാവ്) Temple and the vishu temple (which is also currently under renovation) are all inter-related temples.
Recently when this temple was under renovation, Bhagavathi's original idol carrying a sword and a shield was recovered from a near by steep well. The Jyothisha Pandit who is currenlty doing the consultation for the renovation had predicted that the statue could be found from any of the water bodies near by the temple. According to them there were three Ponds and Wells nearby. However during the renovation only two Ponds and two Wells were able to be located and we got statue from one of them. It was said that this Temple in original form, was destroyed several decades ago, by people who were suppose to take care of it. The current renovation efforts are under the leadership of the people of attadappa. Devotees irrespective of cast and religion are putting their full effort to bring back the lost glory of this Temple

How to get here
This temple is situated in a place called Attadappa, Chala, 8Km from Kannur city. It's well connected by road. There are ample busses and vehicles towards this place from the Kannur city.